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 The Appeal Process:
1)  We submit the proposal.
2)  Usually within 7 days we receive formal
acknowledgement that the proposal has been
validly made.
3)  We then wait for the
Valuation Office to provide
dates for the period in
which they will discuss the appeal.  This could be within
a few weeks but could be
months away.
4) We negotiate the appeal
with the Valuation Office to
try to reach agreement.
5)  If we cannot reach a settlement then the appeal is listed for a Hearing by the Valuation Tribunal with at
least 6 weeks notice.
6)  At least 6 weeks before
the Hearing we submit our Statement of Case (formal document outlining the
disputes, reasons for the disputes, our evidence,
valuation, the decision we
would like the Tribunal to
make and confirmation of
7)  At least 4 weeks before
the Hearing the Valuation Office must submit their Statement of Case.
8)  Prepare for & attend the Hearing*
* We are finding that Hearings
are being postponed several
times before actually being
heard due to the current
backlog of appeals and it can
be months from submitting our case to the appeal actually being heard at Tribunal.
9)  Within 31 days of the Hearing we receive the decision which, if we have been successful, orders the Valuation Office to alter the Rating List.
10)  Once the list has been altered the Local Authority are automatically notified and will send out your revised rates bills together with any refund.
Business rates are one of the most expensive costs for any business, sometimes now even costing more than the rent.
If your rateable value is excessive then it should be appealed. Reductions can usually be backdated so as well as saving ongoing
costs you might also obtain a refund.
Due to increasing regulations the task of making a successful appeal is increasingly difficult and time consuming.  We are finding that more and more cases are proceeding to Valuation Tribunal which alone usually takes a day to prepare for and a day to present the case.
Both Kevan and Andrew have the knowledge and experience to take cases all the way to Tribunal.  Here is a link to our most recent Tribunal decision on Havana Nightclub in Wakefield -  Link to Tribunal Decision  
In most cases you only get one appeal in each Rating List so you should make sure that whichever firm you choose is going to be able to provide good advice and fight your corner.
As Chartered Surveyors we follow the RICS Code of Conduct for Rating Surveyors.  Our Terms of Engagement are clear and in plain English. 
We do not charge an up-front fee, our initial inspection/consultation is free and without obligation.
With our firm there is no up front payment on a "no win - no fee" basis and we believe our fees are very competitive.  We fully appreciate that the purpose of our service is to get your rates at the correct level and not to take most of your savings as some of our competitors do. 
If you would like some advice on your Business Rates assessment please contact our office and we will be pleased to help.
You should be aware that the next Rating List will come into effect on 1st April 2017 however you should start planning for it now. 
The valuation date which will be used is 1st April 2015 so rental evidence being set now will be used in setting the future rateable values upon which your rates will be based from 1st April 2017.
Our success: 
In the current Rating List we have achieved substantial corrections to Rateable Values leading to clients making significant savings in their Business Rates. 
Some of note are:
Shop - Talbot House,Church Street, York.
RV £89,500 reduced to £81,000
Car Showroom - 267 Barnsley Road, Wakefield.
RV £87,500 reduced to £80,000
Factory - 1 Flass Lane, Castleford.
RV £105,000 reduced to £87,500
Office - 1st Flr Hope House, 41-49 Great Peter Street, London.
RV £66,500 reduced to £60,500
Bar - Mex Millenium, Albion Court, Wakefield.
RV £73,500 reduced to £57,000 following a material change of circumstances.
Nightclub - Havana, Wakefield.
RV £54,000 reduced to £27,750.
Can we add your property to this list?